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Subacute Neck & shoulder pain & spasms

I visited Viki Madi to receive Bowen therapy for my neck & shoulder pain & spasms, which I have had for about 1.5 years. My neck stiffness was really impacting my daily life. After just one treatment my muscle pain and restriction in neck movements has improved straight away. I am so impressed with Bowen therapy, because I’ve learned so much more than just my treatments. I have learnt the connection between my pain and my posture and the way I carry stress in my body. I would recommend Viki as a Bowen Practitioner, not only as she is a good therapist, but I have learnt ways to improve my health (stretches, exercises, sleeping positions). Reinette, J. Robina.

Chronic neck and back pain, recovery after fractured heel

I visited Viki for Bowen therapy on a shattered heel that required surgery to put back together, and chronic neck and back pain. I had these issues for about 8 months. After receiving a couple of treatments my chronic neck and back pain has completely resolved. I feel a lot less stiff and find my movements in this area are a lot more fluid. My heel pain has resolved about 80 percent. I can now walk at a fast pace something which I couldn’t do prior to Bowen treatment.

I feel Bowen therapy is a full and complete body rejuvenation of ailments and chronic conditions. It is also a very relaxing treatment and gentle which I find very important. I wouldn’t trust any other Bowen professional than Viki , I found her very professional and caring. She is fantastic at what she does, she gets results and is very intuitive.
Dannielle (24), Hope Island.

Sciatic lower back and hip pain

I have seeked help from Viki for my serious back (sciatic pain) and hip pain. My back problems started 4 months ago, I have had problems with my hip for 4 years, since the birth of my son. I have received massage and was also on medications. My back pain was almost gone after just one Bowen session and my hips feel so much better too.

I am very, very, satisfied with Bowen and surprised how it helped my back just with one treatment. Very relaxing, minimally invasive, but very effective and pleasant. I have recommended Viki to many of my friends.
Katrina (38), Burleigh Waters

Shoulder pain (bursitis) and lower back (tailbone involvement) pain

I have visited Viki to get relief for my shoulder pain ( bursitis-had it for 4 months) and my lower back pain (resulted from injury to my tailbone years ago). I have got instant relief for my back pain after 2-3 sessions and my shoulder feels much better too.

Bowen therapy is also very relaxing and great for stress relief. I would recommend Viki as a therapist as she tries to cater for the patient`s individual needs and her behaviour is very professional and caring, she genuinely is keen to help around client`s health issues.
Paula, G. (52), Nerang.

Neck/shoulder and lower back pain, recovery after abdominal operation

I have seeked help from Viki for my neck/shoulder (had it for 4 years) and lower back pain (since ages) as well as for recovery after my surgery (abdominal). I have been to chiropractor several times, results only lasted for a while.

Bowen was great as it gave me instant pain relief and freed up my shoulder too. I am very satisfied with Bowen, I love that it is so relaxing and minimal therapy. Viki Madi also made me aware of my posture and suggested exercises to reinforce the therapeutic effects of Bowen therapy for me to gain the most out of these sessions. I would recommend Viki as a Bowen therapist.
Debbie, C. (38), Merrimac.

Chronic neck and arm pain/weakness and lower back pain

I receive treatment from Viki in my home for my long standing neck pain and arm weakness, which has started about 4 months ago. I have got lots of relief for my neck pain and my arm does not feel that weak anymore and my back feels so much better. I am very pleased with the results.

I love Bowen therapy because it is very gentle and relaxing. Viki is a lovely therapist; I have recommended her to friends and family.
Maureen, (78), Burleigh Waters.

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